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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen shows off new items and weapons

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen shows off new items and weapons

With Destiny 2’s DLC The Witch Queen dropping on February 22, we’re seeing more information from teasers and trailers ahead of release. One of the trailers has given us a peek at some Exotic items and weapons that will be coming with the DLC. Have a look here:


Weapons galore

Each of these weapons looks unique and very powerful. First of the weapons featured is the Grand Overture, a slug launcher capable of unleashing missiles on a full auto basis, like a Gatling gun but with explosives. The Grand Overture is exclusive to the Season Pass. 

The next weapon is the Parasite, a grenade launcher that shoots Hive worms for increasing damage over time. 

The third featured weapon is the Osteo Striga, an Exotic submachine gun with toxic ammunition resembling the Thorn hand cannon.

Apart from the guns, we also get glaives with special abilities. For Titans, the glaive will create a protective shield around allies. The Warlock glaive creates a healing turret. Finally, the Hunter’s glaive shoots lightning bolts that can track an enemy.

The final trifecta of items include new armor pieces. The Titans get the Hoarfrost-Z armor, which generates a giant stasis wall. For Warlocks, they get the Osiomancy gloves that provide an extra coldsnap with better seeking ability. Finally, Hunters get the Blight Ranger helmet, which reflects projectiles, doing extra damage on those they hit.

Destiny 2 also teases a new weapons crafting feature. Players will find a relic on Mars which they will use to begin the crafting process. Using a pattern, they will create the weapon’s form, then level up the weapon by using it in combat and customizing its abilities each time it levels up.


Face your destiny

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen DLC comes out in three weeks, on February 22. Get your Destiny 2: The Witch Queen PC code today.


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