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Bungie teases The Witch Queen in a lengthy video

Bungie teases The Witch Queen in a lengthy video

The upcoming launch of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has all the fans excited. Bungie's first-person shooter has been available for a long time, and the developer has managed to maintain it as one of the most relevant titles in the genre by releasing plenty of seasonal content and events, as well as several expansions. Destiny 2 started with a sizeable player base thanks to the good results of its predecessor, but it really grew into the game that is today when Bungie and Activision separated. The developer launched the base game as free-to-play on Steam and gained the freedom to decide how to launch the content. The impact of all that has been quite positive, with Shadowkeep and Beyond Light rapidly becoming a success after launch and plenty of players eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of The Witch Queen.

We already had the opportunity to discover quite a few things about the upcoming expansion in the video revealed at The Game Awards and others. But Bungie continues the marketing campaign for the expansion with a brand new vidoc where the developers comment on several aspects of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, including the new features that it brings to the game.



The new chapter in the Destiny 2 campaign looks exciting, but The Witch Queen will add a couple of features that will significantly impact the gameplay. The new crafting system will give players new ways of getting those weapons they want so badly. The changes to the Void grenades, which all classes will be able to use, will change the way players build their characters. We can say that The Witch Queen will definitely be a game-changer for most Destiny 2 players.

The new expansion will launch on February 22, and you can find the best price to buy your Destiny 2: The Witch Queen code on our comparator already.

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