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Bloody Zombies Announced For PlayStation 4 And PlayStation VR

Bloody Zombies Announced For PlayStation 4 And PlayStation VR

Paw Print Games, an independent development team from Chester, UK, is bringing us a new zombie co-op brawler called Bloody Zombies. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR a bit later this year, and we can go watch the game's first trailer down below to marvel at all the blood, gore, and zombies that we can expect from this title.



As in all zombie games, we will have to save a city from a hoard of undead, flesh-eating monsters. We have four survivors that are up to the task: Eddie, Rei, Teller, and Mick. These oddballs will have to work together to clean up London and eliminate the zombie menace. There will be more than one type of zombie, and we will even encounter zombie bosses with all sorts of abilities and weapons that can do serious damage to our crew. But, by adapting, customizing skills, and using various tactics, the players can outsmart the zombies and ultimately bash their heads in before they realize what's happening.

The great thing about Bloody Zombies is that you can play together with up to three friends, both online and locally, and take on the undead together! The better you perform the higher your score will be, so be sure to give it your best and achieve the best score possible.

Those of you that have a PlayStation VR headset can play the game with a special viewpoint that was designed for VR usage. These players have the option of leaning in and seeing the levels in unique ways, so you can discover unlockable weapons, provide tactical support to your comrades, and more.

Bloody Zombies will be coming later this year, so be sure to check the game out when it launches! Meanwhile you can find other VR games like Skyrim VR and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on our comparator.

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