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Bloody Hell Hotel lets you feed on guests as a vampire hotelier

Bloody Hell Hotel lets you feed on guests as a vampire hotelier

Vampires are becoming cool again in games. Earlier this year we saw the release of Vampire Survivors, a bullet hell game where you play Castlevania-style heroes, followed by V Rising, where you play a survival game as a vampire lord. Now we’re getting Bloody Hell Hotel, where you play a vampire running a hotel. It’s as crazy as it sounds. Just check out the trailer:



The game just screams Tim Burton, from its music to its setting to its stop-animation-style character designs. But there is more going on under the hood beyond the charming and creepy aesthetic.

You play a vampire who has just woken up from a centuries-long slumber to find your abode is a complete wreck. What’s an ancient undead monster to do? Fix it up a little and market it as hotel, of course! That way, you can earn some money from your unsuspecting guests.

As any hotelier can tell you, running a hotel is no joke, especially if you are low on supplies and ingredients. Thankfully you have some resources. You can get some milk and eggs from the zombie cow and chicken, and pick mushrooms around the hotel. By following recipes, you can prepare some excellent dishes for your guests. You can also craft weapons in the forge and descend into the caverns under your hotel to hunt for resources. 

And if the guests are unruly or unhappy with your service, you can always drain them of blood and recycle their flesh as meat Sweeney Todd-style before they can give you a low rating. You may also use blood to entice other vampires to work as your hotel staff. This game has thought of everything.

There’s no release window for the game yet, but you can check out our comparator for great prices for a Bloody Hell Hotel PC key as they come. 


  • Categories : Management , Simulation
  • Editor : Unfold Games
  • Developer : Unfold Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : To be announced
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