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Battle Brothers DLC will feature holy knights and dissections

Battle Brothers DLC will feature holy knights and dissections

It’s been a year since we’ve heard anything new from the strategic RPG game Battle Brothers, but Overhype Studios has just announced another free DLC for the game called “Of Flesh and Faith”, coming out this March. 



Of Flesh and Faith will feature two new origins for your mercenaries, origins being character backgrounds that determine their attributes, history, skills, and what events they trigger. The first is the Oathtaker, a righteous warrior who follows the teachings of Young Anselm. He has made a vow that provides him with bonuses in combat but also equivalent disadvantages. These effects remain until he fulfills his oaths.

The other origin is the Anatomist, essentially a surgeon who has been shunned for his study of corpses. However, his ghoulish practice of dissecting the recently dead allows him to “devise new ways to empower your men.” Given the difficulty of  Battle Brothers, anything that can give your team an advantage is a welcome addition.

The update will also add two new banners to decorate your company, new outfits for characters, and 50 new events that you can encounter during your travels. 

Battle Brothers is a turn-based tactical game where you run your own mercenary company in a gritty, dark fantasy world, much like Darkest Dungeon. Your primary job is to earn gold by finding jobs for your company—the more dangerous the job, the greater the pay. 



It’s a world where you face orcs, goblins, undead, barbarians, horrific monsters, and opposing armies. It’s also an uncompromisingly difficult game where employing the wrong tactic can leave your men maimed, dead, or worse, undead. If the odds are too difficult, there’s no shame in preferring survival to valor and just running away.

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