Batman: Arkham Shadow has been announced... for VR

Batman: Arkham Shadow has been announced... for VR

We don't need to talk about the fame of The Batman: Arkham franchise; we all know about it, with iconic titles like Batman Arkham Knight and Batman Arkham City. The main games in the series have been massively successful, praised for their storytelling, voice acting, characters, world design, graphics, and gameplay. They've collectively sold over 31 million copies worldwide. 

Recently, on May 1, 2024, a teaser trailer for the latest installment in the Batman: Arkham franchise was unveiled. The game is called Batman: Arkham Shadow, and it's going to be a VR game!

Evil stalks the streets. Gotham City is in danger. And you’re the only one who can save it.

Batman: Arkham Shadow marks the eighth installment in the series, with the most recent being Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which just released its first season. And, of course, Batman: Arkham Shadow is going to be set in the Batman: Arkham universe. It is currently unclear when the game will take place, though many speculate that it's set between the events of Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham Asylum. The Ratcatcher is teased as the main antagonist, implied by the swarm of rats seen in the trailer.

This will be the second game in the Arkham Series where Kevin Conroy doesn't portray the role of Batman, especially since Kevin Conroy passed away almost 2 years before this game was announced. Roger Craig Smith is implied to be playing the role of Batman in the game, as he retweeted the reveal trailer on X, but then deleted his retweet shortly soon after.

After watching the trailer, many fans expressed negative comments about the game, mostly due to the VR factor. But being a VR game doesn't mean it's not good; evidence of this is seen in VR titles like Half-Life: Alyx. And this is the second Batman: Arkham game to be established in Virtual reality, with the first being Batman: Arkham VR.

Batman: Arkham Shadow will be exclusive to the Meta Quest 3. There's still no specific release date, but we should get more information about the game at the upcoming Summer Game Fest event on June 7th. Make sure to check out our trusty price comparator to get the best deal for top games, especially when preordering Batman: Arkham Shadow.

May 5, 2024, 11:31 AM
my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. the day ratcatcher is in the game has to be the day rocksteady dies as a gaming studio
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