Back 4 Blood surpasses the 10 million player mark

Back 4 Blood surpasses the 10 million player mark

With the release of Back 4 Blood in October 2021, the huge community of fans of Left 4 Dead found a new home. The post-apocalyptic survival horror game brings to the table the perfect scenario and incredibly addictive gameplay with its modern graphics, new features, and cooperative action. The excitement about its release was so high that it managed to catch the attention of over six million players barely a month after its launch. And the fever for slaying Ridden in the game has not diminished at all. 



Developer Turtle Rock Studios has revealed that more than 10 million players have played Back 4 Blood so far, demonstrating that it continues to be one of the most important games in the genre. Steve Goldstein, Turtle Rock Studios president and general manager, has talked about this matter and the upcoming additions to the game in a statement:


"To achieve such a milestone in the short time since the release of Back 4 Blood is a historic event for our studio and this franchise. As we look ahead, we’re excited to keep the momentum going with our upcoming expansion, Tunnels of Terror, which will offer more cooperative content for fans to continue cleansing the world of the Ridden."


Tunnels of Terror expansion

Tunnels of Terror is the first major DLC coming to Back 4 Blood. It's included in the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, and it arrives full of features. A new event called Ridden Hives will pit teams of four players against dangerous monsters as they explore seven different underground dungeons in Evansburg. New types of enemies will appear during the event, including the Ripper, the Shredder, and the Urchin, each of them with new and lethal abilities. Also, two new characters will join the ranks of the Cleaners: Sharice is a firefighter equipped with a big axe, and Heng, who is a restaurateur. This pack also includes several legendary weapons, plenty of new characters and weapon skins, and the new No Hope difficulty mode.



The best of the expansion is that any player can participate in the Ridden Hives event as long as one person in the party owns the Tunnels of Terror DLC. In any case, the expansion will become available on April 12 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. You can visit our comparator to check out the best deals and buy your Back 4 Blood code at the best price for any platform.

  • Official website : Back 4 Blood Annual Pass
  • Categories : Action
  • Editor : Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer : Turtle Rock Studios
  • Mode(s) : Co-op
  • Release date : October 12, 2021
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