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Back 4 Blood is too challenging

Back 4 Blood is too challenging

Even though the launch of Back 4 Blood has been quite a success,  developer Turtle Rock Studios has a lot of work to do in its zombie shooter. Plenty of players are already enjoying the game as it is since it offers quite an exciting cooperative multiplayer experience, but the studio does not seem to be entirely happy with the level of difficulty of the game. The current situation of the game respecting this matter has been addressed on a Reddit post where the developer acknowledged that they still have to get it right so Back 4 Blood delivers an experience with the appropriate level of intensity:


"We want it tense. We want it challenging. We want you barely squeaking into the saferoom with a horde hot on your heels and you feeling that rush. We do not want it unmanageable. We do not want it to be unfair. That is our mission. Players must have agency. They must win and lose, prevail or perish, by their own actions. Skill, planning, and teamwork should carry the day. That's the goal. Part of reaching that goal is finding the right balance - just right - through constant adjustment to the various card systems, spawning systems, AI director, and other facets that affect gameplay."


Whatever changes the developers decide to make to Back 4 Blood in the future shouldn't take too long to arrive. They already fixed the problem with the excessive number of special Ridden spawning in the game, and they need to focus on the post-launch content announced for the game, which will start arriving in a few weeks with the release of the solo offline mode, new cards, and other features. Let's hope that Turtle Rock gets the difficulty where they want it to be before that.



Meanwhile, you can figure out if the game is too challenging or not by yourself. All you need to do is use our comparator to buy Back 4 Blood cheap if you are not playing the game already.

  • Official website : Back 4 Blood Annual Pass
  • Categories : Action
  • Editor : Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer : Turtle Rock Studios
  • Mode(s) : Co-op
  • Release date : October 12, 2021
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