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Back 4 Blood Update to Fix Deluge of Special Zombies

Back 4 Blood Update to Fix Deluge of Special Zombies

Fighting zombies in the apocalypse isn't meant to be easy, but according to many Back 4 Blood players, it can be downright punishing due to the deluge of Special zombies spawning in regularly. The explanation for this, according to the developers at Turtle Rock, is that the game tends to duplicate its spawn cards:



Turtle Rock has thus stated that players weren't supposed to be facing that many Special zombies all at once. These Specials appear alongside the mobs of regular zombies that rush at the Cleaners. In harder difficulty levels, the bug results in far too many Specials that could overwhelm the players.

Thankfully, the studio released another patch to fix the problem. Per the developers:

"In future patches, we are going to continue to dig into spawning issues to help further smooth out the experience."

There's more to this new patch than fixing the Specials spawn rate, however. According to the patch notes, players will get immediate access to all Cleaner characters. Typically, players have to complete a specific level in the campaign—The Devil's Return in Act 1—to get all the Cleaners. This could be tiresome for players, considering that The Devil's return is a multi-act arc. Thankfully, this patch fixes that issue, and Doc, Karlee, Jim, and Hoffman are now immediately available for play.

Apart from this change, the patch also rebalances some of the Ridden zombies' health and abilities, to further ease the frustration with fighting them. Other changes include more efficient defibrillators, updates to character loadouts, better access to the Fort Hope home base, and healing when the players arrive there. This is on top of the changes listed in the Back 4 Bloodroadmap.



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  • Official website : Back 4 Blood Annual Pass
  • Categories : Action
  • Editor : Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer : Turtle Rock Studios
  • Mode(s) : Co-op
  • Release date : October 12, 2021
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