Babylon's Fall is getting a demo

Babylon's Fall is getting a demo

Platinum Games is ready for the release of its upcoming action RPG next month. Babylon's Fall aims to offer an exciting experience where up to four players can cooperate in ascending through the different floors in Babel Tower, fighting against hordes of enemies and successfully completing a multitude of challenges. A unique art style, plenty of customization options to personalize your character, and multiple ways of adapting it to your preferred gameplay style are just some of the features in the game. Although Babylon's Fall is not the most anticipated game from Platinum Games (that spot is taken by Bayonetta 3), it will be a great addition to the video game library of those that are in for some good action in a new universe.



Free demo

According to Square Enix, you will be able to decide for yourself if Babylon's Fall is a game for you or not. A free demo of the game will be available on PlayStation consoles on February 25. There are reports of a possible trial version of the game on Steam later in March, so you might want to wait a bit after the launch to give it a try for free before purchasing the game. It's worth noticing that Babylon's Fall is designed to be a live service title, and it will feature free and paid battle passes that will allow players to unlock rewards during each of the different seasons. The first one will start as soon as the game is available.

Feel free to visit our comparator to find the best deals and get your Babylon's Fall code cheap on any platform. The game is perfect for those fans of the hack and slash genre that want to have some fun with friends. Fluid gameplay, spectacular combat, and plenty of customization options will surely hook many players in the coming months.

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