Babylon's Fall gameplay looks spectacular

Babylon's Fall gameplay looks spectacular

The beginning of 2022 is bringing us plenty of new video game franchises. One that caught our attention when it was first announced is Babylon's Fall, a new cooperative action role-playing game developed by Platinum Games that will arrive at digital storefronts very soon. The game takes you to a fantasy world where you become a Sentinel, one of the conscripted prisoners of the Empire. The parasitic device implanted to your back grants you amazing powers that you will have to put to the best use in order to reclaim the Tower of Babel.

The combat is focused on the different weapons available to you in Babylon's Fall. Each of them gives you access to different abilities, which, combined with the powers granted by your Gideon Coffin implant, will be the key to success. The game offers you plenty of possible combinations, and you can adapt your playstyle according to your group's needs to maximize your combat efficiency. In fact, you can customize your equipment loadout to wield up to four weapons at any time so that you can adjust on the fly to different combat situations. You can take a look at Babylon's Fall gameplay in a recent video published by Square Enix. 



This video follows a TV announcement shown in Japan during Christmas that gives us a good look at the new "brushwork style" used to create the art in the game, which creates a medieval painting aesthetic that makes Babylon's Fall unique.


Babylon's Fall release

Developer Platinum Games has recently confirmed that Babylon's Fall is now Gold, which means that the game's final version is ready to enter mass production and release. Babylon's Fall will become available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on March 3, 2022. You can check out the best prices to buy your Babylon's Fall code ahead of release on our comparator.

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