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Anthem End Game and post-launch content revealed

Anthem End Game and post-launch content revealed

From the start, the developers have made clear their intention to make Anthem a living, changing world, so that players can experience constant changes during their adventures. There is an excellent storyline at launch, but the end of that story is just really the beginning of the adventures you’ll have in Anthem. The game will be continuously receiving new content, features, and fixes as needed. Through these add-ons, called “Acts”, developers will advance Anthem’s storylines through new locations, adding gameplay features, character interactions, and more. The first of these "Acts" will be Act 1, and it will begin in March, and it will culminate in a Cataclysm that will change the world during a time-limited event that comes with extreme weather, dangerous new enemies, and new mysteries to solve.

As you explore the world and take on missions, your level will increase, making new aspects of all your javelins (like a second weapon slot) available to you. Once you reach Pilot Level 30 – the max level – you can continue to upgrade your javelins with higher-level gear following a well-known pattern: the higher the rarity, the better the gear, and the harder to get. Six total difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Grand Master, Grand Master 2, and Grand Master 3, that will unlock when you reach Pilot Level 30, allowing you to have plenty of opportunities to get the best items.

Of course, there is also a nice endgame crafting system waiting for you. You will get crafting blueprints for gear and personalized items from different endgame objectives. You will also be able to farm the materials and cash necessary to make those items. In the endgame, there will be more missions available and regular challenges for you to acquire the materials and blueprints you need, with some Legendary Contracts that, while being quite hard, will give you great rewards. You will also fight in strongholds against deadly enemies that will require hard teamwork. All the missions will be accessed thru Freeplay, Anthem’s free-roaming mode. There also will be random events happening, including some world-changing phenomena, called Cataclysms. These global events will cause physical changes in the world.



Anthem launches February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Early Access begins on February 15 for Origin Access and EA Access members.

  • Official website : Anthem
  • Categories : Action , Adventure , Role-Playing
  • Editor : BioWare
  • Developer : Electronic Arts
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : February 22, 2019
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