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Amazon tackles the problems with the queues in New World

Amazon tackles the problems with the queues in New World

The number of players that are exploring Aeternum in New World keeps increasing day by day. A few days after the launch of Amazon's MMORPG, there were over 700,000 concurrent players on Steam; now New World has a stable player base of around 1 million players on Valve's platform. Of course, such success does not come without any problems, especially when each of the servers in the game can only support two thousand players at a time. The queues have been huge in the first few days, especially during the weekend when it wasn't strange to wait quite a few hours to get in the game. 



Amazon moves to counter queues

Fortunately, Amazon Game Studios was ready for this, and it opened about 30 new servers in several regions, offering players more choices. It will also allow players to move their characters from high-population servers to new ones in order to spread out the player base. They have launched a website that monitors the server population in real-time. Those actions have helped reduce the queues, but New World is so popular that it was hard to play the game at peak hours. As a result, it's now impossible to create new characters on servers that are considered full.



What about AFK players?

New World kicks you out of the game after you are inactive for 25 minutes, but there are a lot of players that have been bypassing that limit by autorunning into a wall for hours or setting up time-based macros. Amazon Game Studios intends to implement an AFK detection system that will deal with them, and those who repeatedly get caught doing it will receive harsher punishments. It may be a coincidence, but the number of people running against a wall in the game has significantly decreased after that announcement, and queues seem to advance faster. Once server transfers start, the server population map will likely take a more stable form as people spread.

Meanwhile,New World offers quite a fresh experience to the fans of the genre, offering you plenty of freedom to choose your path in the game, a whole island to explore, and plenty of PvP action. If you are yet to visit Aeternum, you can compare prices for New World on our website and find the best price to buy it anytime.

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