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Amara the Siren is the third Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3

Amara the Siren is the third Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3

So far we have shown you a couple of the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. Both Moze the Gunner and Zane the Operative had plenty of abilities to deal with their enemies in ranged combat but we were missing some character more focused on going into melee range to deal severe punishment to those nasty Children of the Vault and to any of other threats that plague Pandora and the rest of the worlds we will be visiting in Borderlands 3. This is where Amara the Siren makes her entrance.



Amara is a powerhouse able to use her Siren powers to create astral projections that can do physical damage. Her gameplay style is completely different from the ones shown by Lilith in Borderlands and Maya in Borderlands 2, as she is focused on fighting at close quarters and she will be perfect for players that enjoyed playing characters with a heavy focus on melee combat like Krieg or Brick in previous installments of the series. Her activated abilities and skill trees follow the same pattern as the other Vault Hunters; she will get three different active abilities, one per skill tree, and then the will unlock more skills that modify those abilities and boost her performance in several ways as she levels up. Brawl skill tree grants Amara the Phaseslam active ability, which will allow her to leap in the air and slam the ground dealing massive damage and knocking all nearby enemies up. As she unlocks more skills, she will gain improved health and defensive capabilities. The Phasecast active ability in the Mystical Assault skill tree will send forward an astral projection of Amara that will damage the enemies. The skills in this tree greatly improve the damage of Phasecast, adding explosive capabilities to it and improving the frequency of use. Fist of the Element skill tree gives Amara some crowd-control with the Phasegrasp active ability, which summons a giant astral fist from the ground that will grasp an enemy and hold it in place for a while. As she progresses down the tree, she will greatly improve her elemental damage.

As you can see, Amara has several ways of dealing with her enemies in Borderlands 3. There is only other Vault Hunter to be revealed, and that is Fl4k the Beastmaster. We expect to see his reveal video very soon.    

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