Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets a new class

Aliens: Fireteam Elite gets a new class

The films in the Alien series have been the inspiration to many games, but pitting a group of colonial marines against deadly xenomorphs can be considered a classic theme in action games. Rather than delving into the more survival-horror side of the popular franchise like Alien Isolation, Aliens: Fireteam Elite allows you to shoot down dozens of deadly alien creatures with the help of your friends, much in the way of the Aliens film directed by James Cameron in 1986. Developer Cold Iron has emphasized cooperative multiplayer gameplay and intense shooting action to deliver an intense experience with Aliens: Fireteam Elite. The game has been a hit among the franchise's fans, especially those that loved the second movie, and now that the beginning of its first season is around the corner, the developer has revealed a bit more about the novelties that it brings to the game.



Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 1 comes in the form of a free update that adds four different weapons to the arsenal available to the colonial marines: Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle, L33 Pike Rifle, L59 Minigun, and N79 EVA Laser Handgun. They provide additional firepower for your squad, but if you think you need more defensive options, a new class will bring a lot of utility this season. The Phalanx class sacrifices firepower to carry a massive collapsible shield that turns them into a mobile fortress. The main drawback of such a defensive setup is that they can only use one-handed guns, but their ability to fire a Shock Pulse to stop approaching enemies in their tracks is enough to make them quite a valuable asset for any team of colonial marines.

The update also adds plenty of new customization options for your marines and their weapons, as well as many bug fixes and minor changes. You can check out all the details in the Aliens: Fireteam Elite Season 1 official patch notes. If you want to jump into the fray to slay some deadly aliens with your friends, feel free to visit our comparator to buy Aliens: Fireteam Elite at the best price.

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