Aliens: Fireteam will launch in August

Aliens: Fireteam will launch in August

The films in the Alien series are an unending source of inspiration for video game creators. The battle of the colonial marines against the deadly xenomorphs that began in the second movie has been the foundation of plenty of games that have quite a few followers, and the release of a new game focused on that theme has all of them brimming with excitement. Aliens: Fireteam is a new cooperative multiplayer game that will take you to the exomoon LV-426 to fight against hordes of xenomorphs as a Colonial Marine. The game features four campaigns that you can play cooperatively with other characters controlled by friends or the AI. It will allow you to visit environments that will be familiar to the fans of Alien, and you can choose from several different specializations for your marine, each of them with different abilities.

Aliens: Fireteam is a third-person shooter that takes inspiration from the Left 4 Dead series to deliver a thrilling experience full of action, and it puts less emphasis on survival horror than previous installments in the series, like the acclaimed Alien: Isolation. In a certain way, it's more akin to the Aliens film of 1986 that was directed by James Cameron than to the original Alien film from Ridley Scott. 



Developer Cold Iron Studio has just confirmed that the release of the game is scheduled for August 24, but it will launch with a slightly different name: Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Nothing has been specified about the reasons behind such change but it doesn't really change much. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is bound to become the favorite of the fans of the franchise, especially those that enjoy fighting against the deadly alien lifeforms rather than trying to escape from them by any possible means. You can find the game at the best price on our comparator already.

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