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Asobo unveils A Plague Tale: Requiem PC system requirements

Asobo unveils A Plague Tale: Requiem PC system requirements

A Plague Tale: Requiem is entering the final week previous to its release and the information about the game keeps appearing steadily. Recently, we had the opportunity of discovering a bit more about the story and the setting of the game. The second chapter in the adventure of Amicia and Hugo promises to be as exciting as A Plague Tale: Innocence, and much bigger in all aspects of gameplay. It takes far many hours to complete the new game and it features new combat mechanics and ways of interacting with the world, but the most significant improvement compared to its predecessor is the level of the graphics.



A Plague Tale: Requiem shows outstanding graphics quality. The game takes full advantage of the new technologies on consoles and PC to deliver an immersive experience in a world represented with an impressive level of detail. Of course, such a quality level has a price, especially on PC, a platform that is usually far superior to consoles when it comes to graphics capabilities and customization of the settings. 

Developer Asobo has revealed the system requirements that your computer needs to meet to run A Plague Tale: Requiem. Even though they are not as demanding as you would think on the lower end, they are far superior to what many of us are used to for AAA games. The game requires, for example, a minimum of 16 GB RAM, which may force some players to upgrade their computers to play the game. Ultra settings, definitely ask for a beast of a machine.



Upgrading your computer to play a game may not be your cup of tea, but A Plague Tale: Requiem could be worth the effort. In any case, we can help you with the decision by providing you with the best deals in A Plague Tale: Requiem PC keys to buy the game cheap.

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