A Plague Tale: Requiem is bigger than its predecessor

A Plague Tale: Requiem is bigger than its predecessor

As the release of A Plague Tale: Requiem gets closer we get to discover more information about the game. We could learn more about Amicia and Hugo's new adventure in the story trailer not too long ago, for example, and now Lead Level Designer Kevin Pinson has revealed some details about the length of the game in an interview. Completing A Plague Tale: Requiem will take us slightly less than 20 hours, which is about twice the time needed to finish A Plague Tale: Innocence


"It’s about the pace, there’s no fillers, there’s no attempt to make it longer because we had to. Our publisher, Focus Entertainment, encourages us to take the length we need for the game to tell the story we want. So we don’t aim for a specific number of hours. That’s something we don’t take into account when designing the game. We’re a small team of 70 people, so we have to be really drastic with our decisions."


Considering that in A Plague Tale: Requiem Hugo and Amicia will travel to the south of France looking for a mysterious island that could hold the cure to Hugo's blood disease, it makes sense that the sequel is longer than the first game in the series. Such a long trip opens quite a lot of opportunities for interacting with people along the way and adding new bits to the story. Of course, time continues to be of utmost importance in this game as Hugo's illness is getting worse and compels Amicia to look for a cure at any cost, but the introduction of new characters and new gameplay mechanics contributes to delivering an experience that lasts longer.



The release of A Plague Tale: Requiem is scheduled for October 18th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. We don't know yet if the second episode in the story of a couple of siblings trying to survive in a country ravaged by the Black Death will bring the story to its conclusion, but if the game is half as good as A Plague Tale: Innocence it's definitely worth using our comparator to find the best prices to buy your A Plague Tale: Requiem code for any platform.

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