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XCOM: Chimera Squad continues the story of XCOM 2

XCOM: Chimera Squad continues the story of XCOM 2

XCOM is one of the most popular turn-based tactical strategy series and it has been like that since the release of its precursor, the original UFO: Enemy Unknown, back in 1993. The series has evolved over the years, adding new features and improving your gameplay options while maintaining the core mechanics that are the base of its success. With the launch of XCOM 2 and its expansion War of the Chosen, the series reached its maximum popularity. Now Firaxis Games has announced a new title, XCOM: Chimera Squad. This time is an XCOM 2 standalone follow up that will allow players to delve deeper into what happened on Earth after you saved it from the alien invasion.



XCOM: Chimera Squad takes place five years after the events in XCOM 2. After the alien leaders were forced to drop their plans and leave our planet, the survivors of the war are working together to forge a civilization of cooperation and coexistence. Those include some of the alien soldiers left behind by the alien Overlords when they left. As you can imagine, the conflict has left a deep scar in the society, and there are many survivors that do not support this alliance. XCOM: Chimera Squad will put you in control of an elite force composed of humans and aliens, that is in charge of dealing with the threats that lurk in the different districts of City 31.



Eleven different agents, each of them with their own skills and tactical abilities, will cooperate to take on missions as you progress through the game. XCOM: Chimera Squad features a new turn system that makes agents and enemies act in order according to their initiative value, making it quite different than what you are used to seeing in other XCOM games and opening plenty of tactical options in combat. Outside of the missions, the game lets you handle different investigation paths, tasks and assignments to try to prevent City 31 to fall into a state of anarchy.

The release of XCOM: Chimera Squad is scheduled for April 24, 2020, on Steam.

  • Official website : XCOM 2
  • Categories : Strategy
  • Editor : 2K
  • Developer : Firaxis Games
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : February 4, 2016
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