Trials of Mana is getting a free demo this week

Trials of Mana is getting a free demo this week

Remaking old games seems to be an important trend among video game developers in recent years. This is especially important because it allows younger players to experience some classic games that they would never consider playing otherwise, even if it's only by accessing slightly different versions of them. At the same time, it allows nostalgic players to relive again some of their better moments playing videogames. This is the case of Trials of Mana, the third installment in one of the most popular fantasy JRPG series created by Square Enix. The Japanese company is releasing a new version of the game that will modernize its gameplay with amazing graphics in 3D that reminisce the games in the Dragon Quest series. This version will also include other novelties, like the possibility of changing your character's classes, a new fourth tier Class for each character, an extra chapter that you can play after you finish the game, or the addition of a New Game Plus mode.



Along with the release of the final Trials of Mana trailer, which you can watch above, Square Enix Japan has announced that a free demo of the game will be available tomorrow on PlayStation 4. Although the demo has not been announced yet in other languages, we are quite sure that it will follow very soon, allowing players from all over the world to adventure in the universe of Trials of Mana.

The game takes place in a world where the energy that fuels everything is starting to fade and in which certain individuals are trying to take advantage of the situation by releasing dangerous monsters sealed by the Mana Goddess when she created the world. Six different heroes will be playable in Trials of Mana and each of them has its own story, and they will unfold depending on your choices.



Whether you are a fan of the series or not, Trials of Mana will offer you an epic story with interesting characters and plenty of challenges to face, bringing back to life an unforgettable game with a completely new appearance. It will be available on April 24th on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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