The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle will be the next expansion for the game

The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle will be the next expansion for the game

As it was promised when the announcement was made in early April, The Sims 4 will receive in the coming months three new packs: an expansion pack, a game pack, and a stuff pack. The latest one isn't a mystery since we already know that it will be Nifty Knitting as voted by the community. The others were unknown, at least until now. The new expansion pack for The Sims 4 was announced yesterday and its called Eco Lifestyle.

The upcoming expansion was revealed with the trailer below and will be released on June 5. Like every expansion pack released so far for the game, with the exception of Seasons,  The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle will feature a whole new city, Evergreen Harbor, and how it looks is up to you.



This new pack, as the name suggests, is focused on ecology, and it will bring a number of gameplay elements to the game. We can obviously choose to clean up the city of its garbage and try to reduce pollution... or not. If you choose the path of ecology the purchase/construction mode integrates a host of new objects about this theme. The most important additions are the energy sources. You can install wind turbines, solar panels, and water collectors that will reduce your bills. Your Sims will also be able to embark on a new creative career, Freelance Crafter, and manufacture various objects to then sell them in their online store or by mail. The creations can, of course, be made with recycled objects and materials. As we can see in the trailer it seems that we will have access to technological objects that may be indicative of a second career, but it needs to be confirmed.

Another interesting gameplay element the possibility of working on projects with neighborhood sims, on community land,  through a voting system. You will not be the only one to decide and you will have to make your voice heard. Among the projects that will be available, the most notable is a community garden. The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle will also include a certain number of items dedicated to gardening, such as vertical vegetable gardens, but also houses for birds and insects. Finally The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle will integrate an object that is sorely lacking for players since The Sims 3, especially for the Tiny Living pack: the ladders!

Although some players are disappointed with The Sims 4 - Eco Lifestyle expansion because they were waiting for a farm pack due to a false leak, it's an addition that will offer very interesting elements in terms of gameplay to the game.

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