Shenmue III: a new DLC will be released next week

Shenmue III: a new DLC will be released next week

Since its announcement and until its release last November on PS4 and PC, the road has been long and has not been easy for Shenmue III. Eagerly awaited by players, in particular those who had already been seduced by the first two games in the series, Shenmue III had a mixed reception, but it still managed to fare well despite the criticism of its graphics which have been deemed a little dated.

But the story of Ryo Hazuki continues and Ys Net has unveiled a third DLC which will be released soon. With the name of Big Merry Cruise, this new additional piece of content will take you onboard a cruise ship that has just docked at the port of Niaowu. There, you can complete various missions that will allow you to unlock new outfits for Ryo. Big Merry Cruise will also include new mini-games on the theme of gambling. The Shenmue III Big Merry Cruise DLC will be available from March 17 and it's included in the Season Pass, but you can also buy it separately.


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Shenmue III - Big Merry Cruise


This is the third DLC released forShenmue III since its launch. The first one, Battle Rally, was released on January 21 and it allows players to play as Wuying Ren and Wei Zhen in addition to Ryo, to engage in an obstacle course while distributing a few shots. Of course, Battle Rally also included a lot of rewards. The second one, Story Quest Pack, was released on February 18, and it features a new adventure in which Ryo has to face an organization called the Blue Spiders, accompanied by Zhang Shugin, a character well known to those who played Shenmue II.

Big Merry Cruise may not be the last DLC included in the Season Pass. Indeed, if we compare the price of the Season Pass with those of DLC sold separately, there is a good chance that we will see the release of another DLC in the future.

In any case, you can play Big Merry Cruise for Shenmue III starting March 17 on PC and PS4, whether you have the Season Pass or not.

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