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Death Stranding launches today on PC

Death Stranding launches  today on PC

Hideo Kojima is considered a genius and one of the most important game developers, at least by quite a lot of people. The Japanese creator has worked on many games but he mainly owes his renown to the Metal Gear series. The relevance of his previous works combined with a very secretive marketing campaign that never really explained clearly what Death Stranding was about managed to raise a lot of expectation around his latest game, making it quite an anticipated game when it was released for PlayStation 4 in November 2019. Death Stranding has received a lot of positive critics since then, but it's unique concept has not satisfied all players and it has also been branded as a "walking simulator" or a "delivery service simulator" by some detractors.

Death Stranding is becoming avilable on PC today and it is yet to be seen if the more powerful capabilities of the platform when it comes to graphics are enough to make it a success again. Nonetheless, 505 Games has published a stunning launch trailer that offers us some detailed footage on PC.



It is up to you to decide if Death Stranding is a game for you or not. Opposite to what happened when it was released for PlayStation 4, there is more than enough information available for you to form an opinion about the game. We are sure that most of the heat coming to it comes from people that expected something more similar to Metal Gear Solid, but Death Stranding offers a completely new experience, with a very solid story that puts the focus on the importance of small things and personal relations in a dystopic and strange world where most of the people lives isolated.

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