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    Far Cry 3 pushed the first-person action adventure series to new heights as you dared to take on a group that was anything but kind, and found yourself changed in the process. But now, the game is pushing into new and "futuristic" territory, all the while creating a totally unique experience. This is the game known as Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon. This totally over-the-top and standalone expansion for Far Cry puts you in the style of 80's action movies as you try to survive evil and look dang good doing it. Set in the year 2007, you are Rex Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando. The world has never been the same since a war in the 90's started a nuclear event, which left Earth a charred husk of what it used to be. As the remains of humanity hope for peace and a better life, you find out that there's a bioweapon on distant island that could change everything. As part of the US Cyborg Army, you must get intel, go to the island, and figure out what it all means. But who can stand up to an army of evil cyborgs, mad scientists bent on destroying the world, and vicious blood dragons with lasers that can fry people to bits? Why, Rex Colt can of course! Experience what made the 80's great through Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon, as you'll get cliche plot twists, insane characters, and over-the-top action that can only happen though an 80's action movie setting. Be the hero, save the world!, save the world!

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