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    The journey to a new world can be fraught with dangers, but in Meridian: New World, you'll find out just how deep those dangers can go. In this full-on sci-fi RTS, that also has some RPG elements to it, you'll play as Daniel Hanson, a commander of a ship and crew who have arrived on the world of Meridian to see just what the planet holds. But when they arrive, they realize that not only is the planet is inhabited, that inhabitants don't like them. Now, you'll have to work with your crew in order to survive, as well as turn the tide against your new enemy. But how you do so is entirely up to you. In RTS fashion you'll try and get your troops victory through superior strategy. Whether that means you'll take the foes head-on with superior numbers, or you try and build defenses that'll take them out before they even reach you. Or, you can go and try and sabotage the enemy strongholds so that they have to deal with bigger problems other than you. Again, the choice is yours. But everything you do will have an impact on the game. Every conversation with your crew can lead to new ideas and strategies that can change the face of the game. Every structure you build to try and prepare your team will push you forward, or can make you take a step back. No matter what way you play, you'll find that Meridian: New World will adapt to your style, and give you a truly deep experience.


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