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    Swing into action with The Amazing Spider-man 2, an open-world action game that’s a fusion of the hit Sony film and comic book canon. As Spider-man, you get caught up in a web of crime and betrayal when a murderer called the Carnage Killer starts victimizing New York gangs. Follow a trail of destruction that will lead you to several of Spidey’s iconic enemies.

    Play as the wall-crawler himself. Swing, climb, and shoot webs as the amazing Spider-man himself. Chase criminals and take them out with straight-up fights or with stealth. Unleash rapid devastating combos as well as stinging lines worthy of the quick-witted Peter Parker.

    Explore the Big Apple. Swing across a beautifully-rendered 3D New York City. Perform quests such as stopping crimes in progress or fighting villains, disposing of bombs, and helping civilians. The game also introduces a reputation system where you can improve your image by performing heroic acts. Build up your rep enough and you can be recognized as a real hero; let it drop and be seen as a menace. You may also earn coins you can use to buy new costumes for Spider-man.

    All the bad guys are here. The game expands on the movie by introducing other villains, including The Kingpin, Black Cat, Shocker, and Carnage. Experience the thrill of the official video game adaptation of the movie with The Amazing Spider-man 2.

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