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    Air Conflicts: Vietnam is an intense and dramatic flight simulator game that immerses gamers in the tumultuous events of the Vietnam War. From a young age, Joe Thompson was taught to love his country profoundly and dreams of someday joining the U.S. Navy as a pilot. As fate would have it, Joe’s dream comes true when he is drafted into service during one of history's most brutal wars – The Vietnam War.

    In Air Conflicts: Vietnam, players will be getting behind enemy lines on daring missions such as aerial bombardment runs, dogfights with Migs, reconnaissance over Hanoi Harbour, and secret operations with unknown objectives. Take control of some incredible aircraft from F-4 Phantom IIs to AH-1 Cobra helicopters for some adrenaline-packed aerial combat! You can also fly high or low – depending on your mission – with these top-notch war machines! Engage in incredible battles against ground forces and other airborne foes while taking part in legendary historic scenarios scattered around South East Asia designed using realistic 3D detailed maps from 1964 until 1973 where you'll find dangerous foggy jungles mixed with orange desert sands occupied by both allies and enemies alike. But this isn't just any air fight; players must take into consideration the moral and ethical implications of the war. As Joe, you are faced with making tough decisions that will affect your relationship back home.

    Air Conflicts: Vietnam provides an engaging and thought-provoking experience as you get to witness firsthand the tragedy, fate, and courage of men and women who served in The Vietnam War.

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