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    The Planet Zoo: Grasslands Animal Pack is an exciting addition that brings a host of new animals, foliage, and features to the base game. With this DLC, you can expand your zoo and create a more diverse and engaging ecosystem for your visitors to explore.

    The Grasslands Animal Pack DLC introduces eight new animals to the game: the maned wolf, emu, caracal, red-necked wallaby, nine-banded armadillo, striped hyena, blue wildebeest, and five colourful species of butterfly. Each animal comes with its unique behaviours, needs, and challenges, making them a fun and rewarding addition to your zoo.

    In addition to the new animals, the DLC also introduces a range of new foliage and scenery items that are perfect for creating a lush grassland environment.

    Finally, the Grasslands Animal Pack also introduces a range of new features to the game, including the possibility of building your butterfly exhibit and a brand new scenario set in the grasslands of Argentina, where you will help Tiffany Summers to make the lands surrounding her mansion a suitable environment to accomodate different wildlife species and teach her how to properly take care of them.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Planet Zoo

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