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    Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack is the ninth DLC pack and tenth DLC overall available for purchase in Planet Zoo. It offers gamers an enhanced experience of virtual wildlife management and conservation. The pack introduces a stunning array of wetland animals, each intricately designed with lifelike features and behaviors, bringing a touch of the wild right to your computer screens. Easy to integrate into your existing game, this new pack promises a level of realism that will captivate both seasoned and novice gamers alike.

    Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack features eight diverse new species of wetlands. These highly requested animals comprise seven habitat species and one exhibit amphibian and include the adorable capybara, distinctive platypus, and powerful water buffalo. In addition to the eight amazing species that make up this animal-focused pack, the Wetlands Animal Pack also introduces an all-new challenge scenario. Take a virtual journey to the Brazilian Pantanal, a natural region encompassing the world's largest flooded grasslands, and use your zoo management expertise to transform it into an inspiring sanctuary for animals. This pack offers a unique blend of gaming excitement and conservation education, further enhancing the immersive and realistic experience that Planet Zoo offers to gamers around the world.

    Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack is a testament to Planet Zoo's commitment to celebrating biodiversity and promoting wildlife conservation. The pack captures the unique charm and challenges of wetland environments, inviting gamers to learn about these vital ecosystems while having fun.

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    This game is a DLC and needs to be used with the complete version of the game : Planet Zoo

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