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    Bots Are Stupid is a humorous real-time strategy game. The game is set in a dystopian future where humans have become dependent on bots for everything, leading to a world where the bots have taken over and now rule with an iron fist.

    Players take on the role of humans who have banded together to resist the bot takeover. The gameplay of Bots Are Stupid is centered on resource management, base building, and strategic combat. Players must build and upgrade their bases, collect resources, train troops, and engage in battles with the bot army.

    The game features a unique mechanic where the bot army's intelligence is based on the difficulty level chosen by the player, creating a more challenging and unpredictable experience for seasoned players. The game also has a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up and take on the bot army together.

    The graphics of the game are cartoonishly depicted, with a bright and cheerful color palette that belies the dystopian setting of the game. The game's sound design is also noteworthy, with a lighthearted and comical soundtrack that reinforces the game's humorous tone.

    One of the unique features of Bots Are Stupid is its satirical take on the dystopian future genre. The game's humorous storyline and characters provide a unique and refreshing take on the real-time strategy genre.

    Overall, Bots Are Stupid is an entertaining and amusing real-time strategy game that provides a unique and engaging experience for players. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, charming graphics, and humorous storyline make it a must-play for fans of the real-time strategy genre.

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