Aquarium Designer

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    Aquarium Designer is an aquatic game unlike any other. Developed by Sigur Studio, it allows the gamer to take on the role of a professional aquarium designer – if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming one in real life, this is your chance!

    From reef tanks with living coral and colorful fish to saltwater deep oceans filled with angelfish and seahorses, Aquarium Designer gives you all tools to create both exotic and realistic habitats. You have full control over every detail – choose from dozens of species to populate your tank, craft unique aquascapes using rocks, plants, and driftwood; purchase custom equipment like pumps or filters for optimal water parameters. You can even add decorations like sunken treasure chests that are sure to delight children of all ages! Keep track of water tests performed as well as food supplies for each individual inhabitant - no two tanks will be alike since players can mix up their designs in multiple ways. As the game progresses more objects become available including more complex inhabitants such as sharks or rays which require special care but reward players with stunning views once they get accustomed to their new home. 

    As it stands now Aquarium Designer offers both a Creative Mode and Survival Mode. In the former, you can express your creativity to design the aquarium of your dreams while in the latter, you’ll have to manage resources carefully in order to keep the inhabitants alive. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Aquarium Designer is sure to provide hours of fun and relaxation.

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