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    Planet of the Eyes is a sci-fi adventure platformer where you guide a lone one-eyed robot through a hostile alien planet. Somehow, you must survive all the challenges of the planet and find a way to get rescued. 

    Experience a stunning handcrafted visual style combined with challenging physics-based puzzles and platforming levels. Guide your robot across an alien landscape that will test both your reflexes and your logic skills. Explore lands with beautiful and strikingly colorful scenery. Watch out for enormous alien creatures who see you as another meal. Don’t worry—you respawn rapidly in case of death, allowing you to try again as many times as needed. Don’t be afraid to fail. Each unique death will be a learning experience for you. 

    Planet of the Eyes also builds a unique story as you journey through the planet. Throughout the game, you will find audio logs from a previous survivor, voiced by Alex Lewis. Explore the mysteries of its planet and, hopefully, find a way to escape it.

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