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Dome Keeper

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    Dome Keeper is a roguelike survival game where you take the role of a miner that has to defend his base from the attack of aliens. There is a powerful dome that covers your base, but the aliens will relentlessly attack it, so you need to gather materials to make it as resilient as possible. The game is divided into two different stages. On the first one, you dig tunnels below the surface to harvest minerals. You can use these to unlock and upgrade powerful defenses at your base. You can also enhance your mining tools and the jetpack you use to move underground. 

    When the aliens attack, you can take control of the defensive systems in your base and use a wide range of weapons to fend them off. There are many types of aliens and each of them will attack differently. Some of them can fly and others attack at ground level ground. You will need to prioritize your targets to kill them before they can destroy the dome that protects your base. That would mean the end of your mining operation and your life.

    Dome Keeper features colorful graphics and a beautiful pixel art style. It delivers a challenging and exciting experience with difficulty that increases over time.

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