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    Jump into an open-world RPG where crime actually pays in It’s Only Money. You are a resident of Rockhaven City, but you have been ejected from your home when the newly installed Mayor decided you are too poor to live in their community. Instead, you’ve been relocated into the Undercity, not the nicest place in which to live. But never say die—you and your fellow residents have decided it’s time for some good old-fashioned revenge.

    Roam the surface world to spread chaos across Rockhaven. Steal from the rich, destroy public property, hotwire cars and go for a ride, pick fights with the locals and the cops, and do everything you can to embarrass the Mayor. Bring down his corporate cronies to get some serious cash.

    When you’re rich enough, you can buy your own houses, clothes, and businesses. Start moving people from the Undercity back to the surface. Get businesses to make a steady flow of income and cement your place in society.

    You can play It’s Only Money with three other friends. Steal together, buy together, and play wild PvP matches together where you disguise yourselves as garbage cans and other common street items. It’s a wild life in Rockhaven, but you’d rather be nowhere else but here. It's time to take back the town!

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