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    In a city overwhelmed by corruption, crime, and poverty, you have to resort to unusual methods to keep your business afloat. Ravenous Devils is a management game that adds a horror twist to the usual mix of mechanics. In the game, Percival and Hidred are the owners of a tailor shop that serves as an unexpected source of raw materials for the kitchen of their other business, a pub. If you fail to make a connection between both, it's because the secret is truly horrible. The corpses of the clients that Percival murders in the tailor shop end processed and turned into delightful meals that his wife cooks for the pub. 

    You need to manage both businesses as you massacre the customers to keep them running and get as rich as possible. Pick the appropriate moment to assassinate your victims, throw the corpses down the trap door leading to the pub's kitchen, and help Hildred with the meal preparations. Meat grinders, sharp cleavers, and bone saws are some of the tools you will need to use to make good work of them. As you improve your cooking skills, you will develop new recipes that will draw more customers to your pub. A couple of drinks and a recommendation, and they could end as clients from your tailor shop, entering a gory cycle of life and death.

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