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    Build and manage your own shop in a fantasy world with Winkeltje: The Little Shop. This game is all about business management. Buying low and selling high is the key to success. But before that, you have to design and create your shop. Figure out an appropriate layout, place furniture and displays however you see fit, decorate your shop, and get ready for a grand opening that will draw in many customers and get you a big profit.

    There's a huge variety of items that you can use to build your shop. Once your shop is open, you will need to maintain your stock of products, decide which ones should be on every stand, assign the prices, and attend to the customers. You can sell anything from bulk goods and resources to tools or even potions. Anything goes if it earns you some cash. 

    But that is just the start. You can expand your business when you are ready. How about you make your shop bigger? Should you delve into crafting and farming to provide the customers with what they want and earn even more money? The decision is yours. Winkeltje: The Little Shop gives you all the tools and the perfect environment to create the shop of your dreams.

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