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    Search for a cure to a devastating plague in Forever Skies, a first-person survival game set on post-apocalyptic Earth. You play a scientist and explorer who must search this destroyed planet for a viral pathogen that can cure the plague. 

    It’s been hundreds of years since humanity left the Earth. The world is now an unrecognizable place, covered in a cloud of toxic dust. To scour the globe, you must first build and customize a high-tech ship that will serve as your base, workshop, and lab. Search for resources that you can use to upgrade your ship. Manage your hull integrity and repair any damage, or you may find yourself meeting the ground far too quickly for comfort.

    A layer of dust now covers the surface of the planet. First, you will explore the ruins above this dust cloud. Search the drifting debris for usable materials and resources to help you build the tools and upgrades you need to survive. 

    When you are able to, you will descend into the dust layer. Look through abandoned buildings for secrets of this era and what caused this catastrophe. Fight creatures that have evolved to survive this poisonous environment. And find that viral pathogen you need to save the rest of the human race. This is the monumental task of Forever Skies.

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