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    Solargene is a space colony and base building simulator that puts you in charge of the human expansion throughout the solar system. 

    Explore the surface of different planets in our galaxy and gather resources to build a variety of bases that range from small outposts to big cities in this building and management simulator. 

    Research new technologies that will allow you to develop your colony under the best conditions and learn new ways of taking advantage of the surrounding environment. 

    Open trade channels with different countries on Earth to get additional resources and recruit all the specialized staff that you need to keep your colony working. 

    Keep an eye on the power levels of your facilities, and minimize your consumption by turning off what you don't need. 

    Solargene also allows you to extend your building capabilities to space by creating complex stations in orbit. Every planet presents different conditions and a totally new challenge for your skills. Do you have what it takes to colonize the galaxy?

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