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    Who is human and who is not? That’s what you must determine in GNOSIA, a single-player social deduction puzzle game with visual novel and roguelike elements. 

    You are part of a crew on a ship that’s adrift in space. Each of you has a role to play to keep your ship afloat, but one of you is a deadly imposter pretending to be human—the Gnosia. Using logic and deduction, you must discover who among your crew is the killer before it eliminates you all.

    To identify the Gnosia, you must interact with each of the characters on the ship. Using the information they provide you, you must deduce which one of them is the Gnosia and vote to have them placed in suspended animation. 

    But once you’ve accomplished this, you aren’t done. The game loops back, and you need to do the same thing, only with more crew members, more roles, and more Gnosia hiding among them.

    As you progress through the loops, you improve your skills and gain new commands in future loops. Build up your stats to raise your chances of convincing crew members to vote with you. Finally, unlock cut scenes to unearth emotional storylines among the characters themselves. Just don’t get too attached. In GNOSIA, anyone can be the killer.

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