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    Breakwaters is a unique exploration and survival game where your fate is decided by how you use water.

    Enter a procedurally generated world where magic exists and Titans walk the Earth. You and your fellow survivors must gather resources, build shelter, and craft items to help you stay alive.  You can build homes, erect walls to keep water out, and craft a reservoir to supply your pumps or power your machines. 

    Among the most important things you can gather are powerful crystals that let you shape and control water. With it, you can displace water and discover rare resources on the ocean bed. Do you want to create your own man-made lake or bring water to irrigate a valley? You can do that. Create dams or divert rivers to bring water to where it’s needed. You can also build a boat to explore various procedurally generated islands. 

    But the world isn’t exactly safe. You will encounter hostile Golems that will clobber you on sight, as well as deadly Titans the size of entire islands. Some shoot a powerful ray that can devastate the land. Others can generate giant whirlpools, and there is that one Crab Titan with a shell made of impregnable stone!

    Breakwaters will test not just your survival skills but your creativity and will to succeed. Explore this watery world and make it your own!

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    Dec 31, 2021, 10:29 AM
    Another open world game with survival, build and craft elements. As others similar games, this game also put us in a oceanic world. SIngle and perhaps online game.

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