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    WorldBox - God Simulator is a sandbox game that allows you to create your own world or to destroy it as you see fit. Wield the power of an almighty deity and choose the destiny of civilizations. You can help them to grow and expand across the world or vanquish them by using natural disasters, mythic beasts, and more.

    There are four races in WorldBox - God Simulator. Humans, orcs, elves, and dwarves share the world and will form kingdoms and colonize new lands if you let them. They will also fight each other, and you will be able to help any of them or enjoy watching them destroy each other. You control the fate of every single living being in your world, and as a God, you are entitled to change your opinion on a whim.

    WorldBox - God Simulator features pixel art-style graphics and a complete set of tools to create a world and make it grow in every aspect, but it also includes a wide array of destructive powers that you can use to punish those that may oppose you. Do you want to unleash a giant crab that shoots devastating energy beams from its pincers? A horde of skeletons and zombies? WorldBox - God Simulator allows you to do it while you watch the spectacle from the safety of your godly seat. 

    You have all the power, but what use will you make of it?

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