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DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO reveal its massive roster!

DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO reveal its massive roster!

DRAGON BALL : Sparking! ZERO kicks off with an incredibly impressive start. As a sequel to the title Dragon Ball: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, there are high expectations from fans eagerly awaiting the game's release. Currently, the game seems very promising, with developers incorporating new mechanics to make the gameplay fresh and overall improving upon the Tenkaichi series.

A few months ago, we learned that there would be 11 characters present in DRAGON BALL : Sparking! ZERO's character roster from the game's trailer. Recently, Bandai officially announced a list of 24 new characters in their post, and it's an extensive roster.

Many have pointed out that in the image from Bandai's article, there are a total of 162 slots for 162 characters. With Budokai Tenkaichi 3 having a total of 98 characters in the game, 162 is an enormous number in the fighting game genre overall, even surpassing Naruto Storm Connection with a total of 130 characters.

Ultimately, this is great news for Dragon Ball fans, as they now have more characters than ever to choose from their favorites. However, some have expressed concern that with such a large number of characters, the fighting styles may not be as diverse and unique anymore. We'll have to wait for further reveals in the future to answer this question.

The first 24 characters officially confirmed

We now have confirmation from Bandai about the 24 characters that will appear in the game's character roster, including:

  • Goku (Z - Early)
  • Goku (Z - Mid)
  • Goku (Z - Mid), Super Saiyan
  • Goku (Z - End)
  • Goku (Z - End), Super Saiyan
  • Goku (Z - End), Super Saiyan 2
  • Goku (Z - End), Super Saiyan 3
  • Goku (Super)
  • Goku (Z - Mid), Super Saiyan
  • Goku (Super), Super Saiyan God
  • Goku (Super), Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
  • Vegeta (Z - Scouter)
  • Great Ape Vegeta
  • Vegeta (Z - Early)
  • Vegeta (Z - Early), Super Saiyan
  • Super Vegeta
  • Vegeta (Z - End)
  • Vegeta (Z - End), Super Saiyan
  • Vegeta (Z - End), Super Saiyan 2
  • Majin Vegeta
  • Vegeta (Super)
  • Vegeta (Super), Super Saiyan
  • Vegeta (Super), Super Saiyan God
  • Vegeta (Super), Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

With such a vast character roster, DRAGON BALL : Sparking! ZERO promises players an exciting experience with a diverse range of characters in its game.

"Get ready to witness a cinematic spectacle as these iconic warriors in DRAGON BALL clash in a mesmerizing display of skill and strength as they transform into more and more powerful forms."

Whether you're a fan of Dragon Ball or just a fan of 3D fighting games with intense battles, stunning moves, and destructive power, be sure to try out this game by using our price comparison tool to get the best deals for DRAGON BALL : Sparking! ZERO.

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