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      King under the Mountain is a city-building and management simulator that takes you to a fantasy world. You start as the leader of a small settlement and have to make it grow into a thriving metropolis. The game features a wide variety of mechanics that shape the perfect environment to develop your city. Every scenario is procedurally generated, so two games will never be the same. 

      You start by gathering materials and building basic structures. Later on, your settlers will be able to develop more complex technologies and craft plenty of new assets for you to expand your little kingdom. Of course, every settler has their own needs, and you will need to fulfill them in order to keep them happy, or they won´t behave properly. The game features a seasonal cycle with a day/night cycle that will have effects on the native flora and fauna. King under the Mountain features a living world that each of your decisions will affect. 

      Whether you decide to mind your own business or expand by the force of arms fighting against other factions, the game offers you a vast world to explore. With several races at your disposal to choose from, each of them favoring a particular gameplay style, King under the Mountain has plenty of strategic options for you to choose from.

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