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    The lack of resources in a future world is the reason to send you to space as the commander of an expeditionary force in Alien Marauder. This real-time strategy game that reminisces Starcraft puts you in control of a force that has to explore different hostile extraterrestrial environments as you try to gather several types of resources by building mining facilities and other buildings. Instead of facing an enemy army and having to destroy their base, in Alien Marauder you have to survive the attack of hordes of alien creatures. 

    Alien Marauder is like a mix of Starcraft and They Are Billions, where you start small and build your defenses as you try to gather as many resources as possible. You have a wide range of units at your disposal to defend yourself, but each of them requires time and certain resources to be created. Therefore, the key to success in this game is learning what to build and when to build it to survive to each wave of attacking aliens. You can also recruit heroes that will gain experience and special abilities as they fend off the attacks of the aliens.

    As humanity's last hope, your goal in Alien Marauder is to survive against all odds, but it will be quite a challenge.

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