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An open-world action-combat MMORPG located in the continent of Harth. Pick a side between Vulpin and Ontari and join the war over the control of a portal that leads to paradise in ELYON. The Dark Apostles are also invading Harth from another dimension, and their objectives are still unknown to us. 

Help your faction and hold your grounds in Realm vs Realm wars, with the help of soldiers, artillery, and manamechs inside your faction's fortress. Choose the path that best suits you and fight with a clan, look for a party, or travel in solitary in this huge open-world game, filled with adventures and secrets waiting for you to unfold.

You may use the extensive skill customization to make your own bursty glass-cannon class, or maybe try a tanky front-liner approach. There are a vast amount of combinations with runestones, skill addons, and ''Mana Awakening'' for you to try out and make your own character. Try out the different classes like Warlord, Mystic, Assasin, Elementalist, Gunner, and Slayer, in order to find one that adapts best to your play style. You may use vehicles, mounts, and pets, to help you out in battles. Mounts will have different speeds, combat power, and additional skills. Pets like Automaton, will help in the battles both on the ground and in the air.

Once you have that figured out, get stronger by crossing the purple-shaded portals, that reach planes with rich resources that will help you out achieve great strength. Explore the world around you and enter solo floor-based dungeons to test your capabilities or play with your friends to defeat evil bosses with complex mechanics.

If combat is not really your playstyle, maybe you'll want to try out the housing system. Collect raw materials from various sources and create your own home. You will be able to create elements in your home workshop, as well as decorate the home and garden.

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This game is free to play, and offers additional paid content
Immerse yourself in the intense world of Helldivers 2, where chaos and cooperation define every battle. Are you ready to engage in intense combat and cooperate for the survival of humanity? War awaits.
  • Technical information

  • Categories : Action , Adventure , Mmorpg , Hack & Slash , Sci-fi
  • Editor : Kakao Games
  • Developer : Krafton
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : October 20, 2021
  • System Requirements
    • Minimum
    • OS : Windows 8.1 (64-bits)
    • CPU : Core i3
    • RAM : 8 GB
    • GPU : GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 280
    • Storage : 60 GB
    • Recommended
    • OS : Windows 10 (64-bits)
    • CPU : Core i5
    • RAM : 16 GB
    • GPU : GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon RX 580
    • Storage : 60 GB
  • Age Rating
  • Also Published By Kakao Games
  • Dysterra
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