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    RAILROADS Online! is an open-world game where you can choose to play alone or co-op online with your friends. Cut your way through forests and build bridges and railroads to reach your destinations. Make the right decisions to achieve your goals in this beautiful world of trading through railroads.

    Build bridges, tunnels, tracks, switches, turntables, trestles, and more to travel through planes, rivers, canyons, and forests. Prepare your route with great infrastructures, such as stations, yards, and fuel deposits to service your trains with fuel and fulfill other needs. You will be able to personalize your train to your liking, by changing its size, color, written text on the sides, wagon capacities, and much more.

    As the train mechanic, you will interact with regulators, valves, brakes, couplers, and other features in first person, in order to drive your vehicles. If your train derails, you can choose an option from the construction menu to rerail it. Use those vehicles to transport goods like oil, coal, ores, logs, and various other big variety of industrial materials to earn money for your business. Put that money to good use and invent, upgrade and customize your train and routes.

    RAILROADS Online! uses realistic railroad physics from the advanced UnrealEngine for you to enjoy your railroad adventures.

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