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    The most ambitious American Civil war game is here, Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865). Pick a side in the American Civil War. 

    Be the commander of the Union or the Confederacy. Under legendary commanders like, Lee, Grant, Jackson, or Farragut, prepare your armies for war, recruit new troops, and organize them for combat. 

    This is a real-time strategy game combined with tactical battle game-play. Take control of your nation, manage, and support vast armies. Muster and maneuver them to destroy the enemy. Once you meet the opposing faction, take command of your troops and lead them to victory in battles fought on historical battlefields.

    Grand Tactician: The Civil War (1861-1865) offers a real-time campaign, with historical objectives for both sides, from the Secession to the end of the war. Five different campaign scenarios and twenty stand-alone battles from 1st Manassas to Appomattox Court House. You will be able to change history by calling for help from Europe or making Lincoln lose the presidential election. Use blockade runners to keep the lifelines to Europe available or lay siege and raid your enemies. Take great care of your people. The morale of your citizens and troops is key. Make sure the treasury doesn't run dry and don't lose troops in order to not draft new citizens. Dig trenches and build pontoons with the help of your engineers, because battles might last multiple days. Play with famous commanders in order to inspire soldiers and citizens, and make sure your reputation maintains impeccable. Use those commanders to order armies of artillery, cavalry, and infantry with realistic command structures. 

    Bring the Civil War back to life with the re-enactment and combat footage from LionHeart Filmworks, and an original soundtrack of the old-time music.

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