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    Welcome to Starbase, a voxel-based MMO space simulator where you can build and destroy just about anything to create the ultimate intergalactic home. You are a robot built for space exploration. Along with your fellow robots, you must team up, build, and fight for the chance to colonize and conquer a vast universe that’s ripe for the taking. 

    Starbase’s voxel environment means you can destroy or disassemble anything, given the right tools. Mine asteroids, search for salvage and use what you’ve collected to build mighty ships and galactic bases. Be mindful of the game’s physics—if you create oversized ships with powerful thrusters but with poor design and materials, the ship just might break in half while it accelerates!

    Starbase lets you form factions so you can combine skills and defend yourselves against thieves and interlopers. Carefully design ships and devices that will take you across the vastness of space. Search for asteroids to mine and ruined ships to strip parts from. Build what you want, go where you please. This is your universe now.

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