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    The darkness beckons to you in Gloomwood, a survival horror and stealth shooter that has more than a passing resemblance to the classic Thief. You play as a nameless doctor, kidnapped and imprisoned in a foreign city for reasons unknown. A mysterious lady takes an interest in your predicament and offers shelter, but what secrets await you in this accursed city? With your trusty cane sword in hand, you go and find out.

    Now you must stay in the shadows, avoid the light, and keep absolutely quiet as you explore the bowels of a Victorian-style steampunk city. Hostile guards will attack you on sight, and supernatural creatures stalk the darkness.

    Gloomwood features a hand-crafted city that promises free-form exploration. Visit jails, sewers, towers, mansions, alleys, and hidden areas that only an expert explorer can find. A detailed stealth mechanic tracks your movements and determines how much noise you make. Holding up a lantern or getting close to a light source may give your position away. 

    Take down enemies quietly with a quick stab of your cane sword. Stop enemies cold with bear traps, or climb up various locations with a trusty harpoon gun. And if things start to get hot, you can take out enemies with a handgun or a folding shotgun. Until you run out of ammo, that is. 

    You’ll need sharp weapons and sharper senses for what’s to come. Evil creatures roam the night, from the deranged Crowmen to the horrific Corpse Duster. Take care where you step in Gloomwood. The darkness that hides you also conceals what can kill you.

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    • Technical information

    • Categories : Action , FPS , Survival , Horror
    • Editor : New Blood Interactive
    • Developer : Dillon Rogers
    • Mode(s) :
    • Release date : Sep 5, 2022
    • System Requirements
      • Minimum
      • OS : Windows 7
      • CPU : Dual Core 2.4GHz
      • RAM : 4 GB
      • GPU : GeForce GTX 9800 GT
      • HDD : 1 GB
      • Recommended
      • OS : Windows 10
      • CPU : Quad Core Processor Or Higher
      • RAM : 8 GB
      • GPU : Geforce GTX 460 Or Equivalent
      • HDD : 1 GB
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