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    GangV|Civil Battle Royale is what you get when you mix VR, Grand Theft Auto, and free-for-all combat in a single game. GangV takes place in a modern, bustling city filled with civilians. Your goal is to fight with rival gangs until you’re the last man standing. 

    A living, breathing world. GangV features a sprawling 64 km2 of open world, with city streets, buildings, highways, and deserts for you to roam. Civilians walk and drive around freely, making it easy for you to hide in a crowd or in traffic. But be careful — your enemies can do the exact same thing.

    High crimes. As in GTA, you need to rob businesses and civilians to get money and buy weapons. But the law will be on your tail as soon as someone reports your crime. And if things go from bad to worse, you can get SWAT or the military called on you as well. 

    Fast times. Shooting skill isn’t the only thing you need; you have to be good at fast getaways too. Drive a variety of cars but also pilot planes, helicopters, and boats as you fight with other gangs.

    Turf wars. Steal from a shop and it becomes part of your territory, which you then have to defend against rivals. 

    Choose your mode. Free-roam or battle royale, seated or room-scale VR, or no VR at all, it’s your choice!

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